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Wooden Puzzle Box - Japanese - .5 Sun, 12 Step: Koyosegi
2.5 Sun, 12 Step: Koyosegi - Japanese Puzzle Box2.5 Sun, 12 Step: Koyosegi - Japanese Puzzle Box
More Info:
  • Solution Included: Yes
  • Difficulty:  Advanced
  • Usually Ships: Immediately
  • Gift Wrapping: Yes
  • Packaging: Cardboard Box
  • Product Size:3" x 2.25" x 1.75"
    7.6cm x 5.7cm x 4.4cm
  • Made Of: Katsura Wood
  • Made In: Japan
  • Item Weight: 0.35 lbs.

2.5 Sun, 12 Step: Koyosegi - Japanese Puzzle Box

Serious Item Code: 16304
This Japanese puzzle box is made in a Koyosegi pattern that takes 12 moves to open. Every box is a little different in design depending upon how the pieces are applied. Each Japanese puzzle box is individually handcrafted using techniques passed down through the generations since the Edo Period and imported directly from the artists in Hakone Japan.
A solution, as well as a complete care guide is included with each puzzle box.

Puzzle Master difficulty rating: Level 6 - Tricky

Suitable for 6+ years.