Triple Stand for Tavern Puzzles
Triple Stand for Tavern Puzzles
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  • Usually Ships: Immediately
  • Gift Wrapping: Yes
  • Packaging: Cardboard Box
  • Ship Size:5 x 5 x 14.5
  • Product Size:3.5 x 3.5 x 14.5
  • Made Of: Steel
  • Made In: U.S.A
  • Item Weight: 2 lbs.

Triple Stand for Tavern Puzzles

Serious Item Code: 6048
Don't hide your tavern puzzles away in little bags or in a drawer somewhere; instead, hang them neatly on this iron triple stand.
The Triple Stand complements the tavern puzzles in style and construction, and displays them for all to admire, and prevents further tangling with each other.

After all, the last thing you need with an iron tavern puzzle is more entanglement!

Puzzles sold separately.


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