MENSA Big Book of Acrostics, 128 pages
MENSA Big Book of Acrostics, 128 pages
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MENSA Big Book of Acrostics, 128 pages

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Get ready to sharpen both your pencil and your wits with these 100 challenging acrostics (a mix of crossword & code-breaking) from renowned puzzle-master Michael Ashley, a frequent contributor to Games magazine.

Pop culture? Geography? The animal kingdom? Politics? Your knowledge about subjects like these is about to be severely tested.

Your reward? Pithy quotations from such luminaries as Mark Twain, P.J. O’Rourke, Miss Manners, Louis L’Amour, Oscar Wilde, Jerry Seinfeld, and more!

Spiral binding makes it easy to lay the book flat for puzzling! Includes an introduction by the author, solving instructions, 100 puzzles, and an answer key. 128 pages.


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