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  • Choose a photograph that is clean of any damage (lines, stains, rips) as this would be reproduced and enlarged in the puzzle.
  • Choose a photograph that is not blurry as the blurriness will be exaggerated when the photo is enlarged. Our high quality scanning equipment will pick up any imperfections, including dust. While we will attempt to correct for any such blemishes to the scanned image with Photoshop (not to the original photo), any such blemishes that are on your original photographs are likely to appear on your finished jigsaw puzzle.
  • Select a photo that is 3x5 inches to 8.5x11 inches. If photos have to be enlarged significantly some cropping may occur in order to maintain proportionality.
  • You may send a photo that you have scanned via email, however, we generally can get a cleaner scan if you send the picture to us for scanning.
  • When sending pictures digitally choose a resolution that is 300 d.p.i. or greater. Digital camera's with 3 mega pixels or better offer the best results. If lower quality resolution originals are provided to us, it is possible that the final jigsaw puzzle will be pixilated. If there are any concerns about the quality of the digital file received we will contact you.
  • We prefer to work from JPG image files but can create your puzzle from a variety of formats. If there is any problem with the file type we will contact you.
  • Do not send slides or negatives as they are not replaceable. Also, please do not send Polaroid photos.