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Magical Thomas Kinkade Jigsaw Puzzles

Often known as the Painter of Light, Thomas Kinkade is considered one of the most commercially successful painters of the 1990s. He caused a disruption in the world of art by making his paintings accessible to people of any income group. It is said that 1 in every 20 homes in America have his paintings. His beautiful paintings often depict idealistic scenes like cottages, gardens, streams, and other elements.

His devotion to religion is also quite apparent in his paintings; as he regularly includes crosses and churches in them. Kinkade’s style consists of highlights and an abundance of pastel colors, which gives the paintings a glowing aura. His intention has always been to showcase the simple pleasures of life through his paintings. While some critics did comment on this overly sentimental style, they couldn’t deny his genius technique.

These paintings are certainly worthy of being hung on the wall and showcased proudly. At Serious Puzzles, we have several jigsaw puzzles by Ceaco and other top brands featuring Thomas Kinkade artwork. Here are a few of our best-selling Thomas Kinkade puzzles.

The Sea of Tranquility – 750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Ceaco

Thomas Kinkade Sea of Tranquillity Jigsaw Puzzle

When you look at The Sea of Tranquility, you feel like the setting sun is shining right at you. You can almost hear the gentle sound of moving water and the creaking of the sailboat when you look at this painting. In a way, it’s very realistic but the scene and setting is surreal in its beauty.

The beauty of the scene would tempt you to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible. The 750 pieces will post a decent challenge to almost everyone and after you finish this puzzle, you will want to frame it and hang it proudly in your home or your office.

Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream – 750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Ceaco

Thomas Kinkade Cinderella Wishes Disney Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’re fond of Disney puzzles or fairy tales, the Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream is the perfect puzzle for you. The iconic Disney Cinderella with her glowing blue gown immediately captures your attention.

If you look a little closer, more interesting and intriguing aspects stand out. The cat leering at the mice, the dog following the prince, the three evil step-sisters on the road and the castle dominating the background make this seemingly simple painting very interesting. The longer you look at the painting, the more details you notice, revealing the genius of the artist.

This 750-piece puzzle will definitely keep you engaged for a long time.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Ceaco

Thomas Kinkade Follow the Yellow Brick Road Wizard of Oz Jigsaw Puzzle

Who hasn’t read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? Or watched the old movie? This is one of those treasured childhood memories that no one really forgets.

In this Ceaco jigsaw puzzle, you see Dorothy strolling along the Yellow Brick Road alongside the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and her dog. Follow the Yellow Brick Road is a challenging 1000-piece puzzle that would be a great picture to solve and frame!

Note: Our puzzles go in and out of stock very quickly, we apologize if any of the products listed above are not available for immediate purchase.

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