Puzzle rings connect us with the ancient cultures of long ago. Although the exact origin of these beautiful and intriguing rings is a mystery, it is believed that puzzle rings first appeared in Asia over 2000 years ago. From there, they followed the early trade routes to the Middle East where they were widely used as wedding bands.

Legend has it that sultans and sheiks required each of their wives to wear a puzzle ring to guarantee her fidelity. To this day, puzzle rings are still worn as wedding bands in some countries.

Puzzle rings first appeared on the European continent in the 12th century. During the Renaissance, they were sometimes called "memory rings" because they could be worn with one or more of the bands loose as a reminder of a task to be accomplished.

Today puzzle rings are still very popular and can be found on every continent in the world. They come in an infinite variety of styles that range from two to more than seventeen bands! The lasting charm of the puzzle ring goes far beyond its beautiful appearance. Each of our puzzle rings has its own secret for reassembly that requires both patience and perseverance to master. Our detailed and easy to follow instructions will help you learn the secret!