Chess 4 - Chess Set

Chess 4 - Chess Set
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Chess 4 changes the gameplay of one of the oldest games in a very significant manner without actually changing the inherent nature or rules! No longer is Chess a game for 2 people only, with Chess 4 you can play with 2,3 or 4 players turning it into a full scale war!

All players place their pieces, in standard order, in the one of the sets of two protruding rows. The player using the White pieces goes first and play continues clockwise from there on out.

The rules and piece movements remain relatively the same as standard Chess, and one of two methods can be followed for play with 3 or 4 players.
  • Method I: When a King has been Checkmated, that player is now out of the game. The remainder of the player’s pieces stay on the board and are treated normally by the remaining players as play continues.
  • Method II: A player who gets a Checkmate takes ownership of the now defeated players army. However, the newly acquired army is not played on the conquering players turn, but rather in the same order on the turn of the now defeated player.
Players may ONLY move their pieces on their turn. Even if their King has been placed in Check, the player must wait until their turn to respond to the Check.

  • 1. 4 sets of Chess pieces (1 Black set, 1 White set, 1 Gold set, 1 Silver set)
  • 2. 1 20”x20” Double Sided Chess board (1 side has the Chess 4 board, 1 side has a standard Chess board)
  • 3. Rule Sheet
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