Chess in a Box with 10.5" Board - Chess Set

Game Sets - Chess in a Box with 10.5" Board
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Chess is one of most monumental games in mankind's history of games. Its origins have been traced as far back as 600 AD and has always stood as a game of eloquent strategy and intense mental competiton. From Kings to erratic geniuses to kids just gaining an interest, Chess finds an incredibly wide and lasting appeal.

This deluxe Chess set has an inlaid, wooden chessboard that folds shut with a latch, becoming a classy wooden box to house all the Chess pieces.

Board size: 10 1/2"x10 1/2"x1" (open)

Square size: 1 1/4"

King's size: 2 1/2"
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Choking Hazard - Small Parts.
Not for children under 3 yrs.