Eureka Ball - Magnetic Brainteaser Puzzle by Creative Whack

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Eureka Ball - Magnetic Brainteaser Puzzle by Creative Whack

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This red magnetic building block was designed by Roger van Oech and is a creative stimulant and a mental freshener! The Eureka Ball consists of 12 magnetic design blocks that can be arranged and re-arranged into many shapes. This Eureka Ball is more versatile than a puzzle and lots more fun than a brainteaser. It comes with an illustrated creativity pamphlet that provides you with tips, stories, exercises, and insights into the creative process. Stimulate your brain by utilizing hand-eye activity or take a break with the eureka ball to revitalize your thinking. The Eureka Ball's "home" shape is the dodecahedron. When it is in this form, there is a hollow space inside which is a hidden dodecahedron. Store problems or thoughts on a piece of paper and conceal it inside the dodecahedron until a later time. Ages 14 and up
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