Puzzle Cubes - Super Floppy 1x3x3, Black
Super Floppy 1x3x3, Black - Puzzle Cube
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  • Product Size:2.25" x 2.25" x 0.75"
    5.7cm x 5.7cm x 1.9cm
  • Made In: China
  • Item Weight: 0.5 lbs.

Super Floppy 1x3x3, Black - Puzzle Cube

Serious Item Code: 17469
The Super Floppy 1x3x3 cube might seem harmless at first, but it behaves a bit unusually.
Floppy Cubes rotate only on the edges - the center square contains the rotational axis - only in increments of 180 (the functional shape always stays in a flat, 1x3x3 format), whereas with the Super Floppy Cube can also only rotate on the edge, but it clicks into place in increments of 90 which causes some crazy shapes to form while attempting to solve the puzzle.

Katsuhiko Okamoto designed this brain teaser and won the Puzzle of the Year Award at the International Puzzle Party in 2009.


This item is discontinued.