Paperback - Giant Book of Sudoku by Will Shortz
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Giant Book of Sudoku by Will Shortz: 300 Wordless Crossword Puzzles (Paperback)

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The hottest craze in puzzles! From puzzle master and New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz, comes sudoku; the new "wordless crossword" puzzle that's taking the world by storm! Once you start, you won't want to stop. These addictive puzzles are easy to explain -- just fill the grid with numbers according to the few simple rules -- but incredibly fun and engaging to complete. You don't need any mathematics knowledge: just supply a pencil and an inquisitive mind.

This brand-new collection features original sudoku ranging from effortlessly easy to devilishly difficult, along with an introduction from Will Shortz that explains these fascinating puzzles and how to solve them. If you're a crossword fan, a fan of logic puzzles, or just a puzzle lover in general, you will be engrossed and delighted with sudoku!


This item is discontinued.