Puzzle Cubes - V-Cube 6 Supercube
V-Cube 6 Supercube - Puzzle Cube
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  • Difficulty:  Advanced
  • Usually Ships: Immediately
  • Gift Wrapping: Yes
  • Made In: Greece
  • Item Weight: 1 lbs.

V-Cube 6 Supercube - Puzzle Cube

Serious Item Code: 14347

This 6"x6" cube made up of black, red and blue "cubies," forming a checkerboard scheme on the cube. It may at first glance look effortless to solve - just three colors, after all - but look again (hence the name, Illusion)!

V-CUBE products are a uniquely designed and constructed series of skill games. They are 3D mechanical cubic puzzles that rotate smoothly on the 3 based axes of the coordinate system.


This item is discontinued.

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