By Difficulty

There are many different difficulty ratings that our jigsaw puzzles can be categorized by. They range from beginner, intermediate, advanced, extreme and even ultra extreme puzzles. Are you up for a simple weekend puzzle with your kids? Check out our beginner puzzles category. Do you think you’re ready for a bigger challenge? Then perhaps it’s time for one of our ultra extreme difficult puzzles that has over 5000 pieces!

Whatever level of difficulty you choose, some of the best and most artistic puzzles can be found here. We only carry the best brands like Ravensburger, Sunsout, Buffalo games, Educa, Castorland and more. What will today’s puzzle desires bring you?

These jigsaw puzzles are often less than 500 pieces and are geared towards older children. They feature pictures or subject matter which are not repetitive.

Jigsaw puzzles which have some solid colored areas often fit into this category. Intermediate jigsaws are usually between 500 and 1000 pieces, although there are some exceptions.

The majority of 1000 and 1500 piece jigsaws puzzles are considered to be advanced. Nearly all the photomosaic jigsaws are advanced. Advanced jigsaws can have a considerable amount of solid colored area and may have other subject matter which is hard to differentiate.

When a jigsaw puzzle has large solid colored areas, repeating patterns, or contains 2000 pieces or more it will probably get an extreme rating. Extreme jigsaw puzzles may take large areas or long periods of time assemble.

Ultra Extreme
Only the most challenging and formidable jigsaw puzzles get a rating of ultra extreme. To be ultra extreme, a jigsaw must have characteristics that set it well apart from simply being extreme. For example, having 5000 pieces or more will likely qualify a jigsaw to be ultra extreme. Some of these tremendously large puzzles can take up an entire room during assembly. Other ultra extreme jigsaw puzzles may be double-sided and/or contain highly repetitive patterns.

1-42 of 549 matching items.

1-42 of 549 matching items.

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