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There is a beautiful legend that speaks to the power of love and the serendipitous and cyclical nature of life. Called 'The Salmon and the Ring', it tells of St. Asaph and his encounter with Queen Nest, wife of Maelqwyn Gwynedd the King of North Wales.
    Queen Nest wore a ring from her husband's family that was worn by every Queen of the North, but she dropped it while bathing in a river. Because of the great value and significance of the ring, she brought St. Asaph to dinner with her husband to help her break the news.
    Her husband was angry but calmed by the Saint's advice that possessions are temporary and never greater than the value of love. The angry king calmed, and the matter was settled.

    And then St. Asaph served the locally caught Salmon and from the belly of one, fell the ring.

    This Hanayama cast metal brainteaser features two medals with an ancient flair to their design; featuring a flowing river pattern and swimming salmon, this tricky puzzle is a perfect tribute to such a Legend of love.
    Designed by James Dalgety.

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