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Qwirkle Cubes is the impressive follow-up to the wildly successful original Qwirkle game. It’s won a few of its own awards like the “Major Fun Award” and Dr. Toy’s “Best Vacation (children’s products) Award”.

Gameplay is similar to the original Qwirkle, and easy to learn; it’s as simple as matching colors and shapes, but winning the game requires tactical maneuvers, well-planned strategy and a little bit of luck.
Score by building rows and columns of blocks that share a common shape or color, you receive points for each cube in a line added to and in the line created! Look for opportunities to score big by placing a cube that touches multiple pieces with matching attributes, or by getting a Qwirkle (completing a line of shapes in the same color or a complete line of one shape). Lines may only include one of each shape (if they are all the same color) or one of each color (if they are all the same shape).
With the addition of the cubes, comes more control over the pieces you play. Each player starts with a hand of six cubes (draw six, roll all six and keep them in your hand as they were rolled).
On the player’s turn they may choose however many cubes from their hand to roll. After they have rolled their cubes, the player may play as many cubes as they are able, if none of their cubes are playable they must re-roll until they can play at least one cube.
Once the player has played their cubes, they must draw enough cubes to bring their hand back to six, then roll the new cubes and set them in their hand as they were rolled.
Play continues as normal until there are no cubes left to draw from. After that players continue to play as they would, but without replenishing their hand. The first player to empty their hand ends the game and receives a 6 point bonus. The player with the most points wins!

  • 1. 90 cubes(15 each of 6 different colors, with each cube having 1 of 6 shapes on each side).
  • 2. Cloth drawstring bag
  • 3. Detailed instruction booklet with English, French and Spanish instructions.
Suitable for 6+ years.

2-4 players.
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Not for children under 3 yrs.