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...To make or form a 2D or 3D shape by combining or arranging parts or elements. Many of our assembly puzzles are crafted from the best hardwoods or crystal clear acrylics and are finished beautifully. Use these mind teasers for desk ornaments, sculptures, stress relievers, or just plain ol' fun. Browse our collection of mind teasers by clicking on the category links below, or, use our navigation menu to the left.

Burr Puzzles
A Burr Puzzle consists of at least three rods intersecting each other at right angles. The most famous and well-known type is the six piece burr where three sets of two rods intersect each other.
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Interlocking Puzzles
Interlocking wooden puzzles have pieces that lock together to form a complete shape. Peculiar notches, ridges, or nubs arranged in a specific way are the only bonds that keep these complex shapes together.
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Magnetic Puzzles
These magnetic puzzles have magnets that aid in the cohesion of the shape. However, some of the magnetic puzzles also involve aligning magnetic polarities for another level of difficulty; it may look right, but if the piece is rejected you know its wrong.
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Stackable Puzzles
Stackable puzzles don't require anything but gravity once they're together. But you have to figure out how to get them together, first.
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Seamless mosaics formed of repeating shapes are known as tessellations, a fascinating blend of math brain teasers and art.
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