Scrabble Me - Board Game

Scrabble Me - Board Game
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Have you ever felt like the only thing preventing you from your highest Scrabble® score ever was the other players' and their poor letter placement? Now is your chance to prove yourself! With 'Scrabble Me' you can play up to 4 players, with each person on their own (slightly smaller) Scrabble board! You, and you alone, decide how the layout of your board develops for the first time in Scrabble® history!

Before beginning the game, each player draws 7 tiles (keep them hidden) from the bag and places them on their rack. When everyone has their own tiles, one player draws the tiles for the Prize Tile Podium. These tiles are placed face-up, 3 tiles for each player.

Everyone's turn takes place at the same time, as players build ONE word in either a horizontal or vertical direction. When everyone has completed a word, the round ends.

All players now refill their racks according to a new method. The person with the LOWEST scoring word on the previous round gets to pick first, either from the visible letters on the Prize Letter Podium or unseen from the bag. Draw ONE tile at a time, in order, until everyone has gotten back to 7 tiles in their rack.

Gameplay continues as normal until the bag is depleted, after which play goes on with players only drawing from the Prize Tile Podium until that is empty as well.

When the last tile is taken from the Prize Tile Podium, the Final Round begins. At the end of the Final Round, the player with the lowest score is given the opportunity to form ONE bonus word on their own board if they can.

Game can end early if, on any round, none of the players can form a word.

Board Swap!: When a player uses a blank tile, they must choose one of their opponents to swap boards with after the scoring for that round has concluded. Players retain scores, but now play off their new board. In the event of two blank tiles played on the same turn, the player who scores lower in the round chooses last.


1. 4 Individual Scrabble boards.

2. 4 Wood Letter racks

3. 100 Wood Letter tiles.

4. 1 Prize Tile Podium.
5. 1 Cloth drawstring bag.
6. Instruction booklet.

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More Info:

Interlocking Yes

This means that adjacent pieces are connecting such that if you move one piece horizontally you move all, preserving the connection.

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Product Size 15.75" x 8" x 2.5"
Made in China
For Ages 8+
Choking Hazard - Small Parts.
Not for children under 3 yrs.

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