The Riddle

Eight married couples meet at a holiday party to lend puzzles to one another. Each couple brought a unique puzzle and borrowed one from another couple. Couples share the same surname, employment and car. Each couple also has a favorite color. Using the given clues, enter the solution to the following question:
Which Puzzle did the Browns Borrow?

The Details

Solve, Guess or Share our riddle to win! Take a quick guess or wait for clues to solve. Get extra entries by sharing on social media after your guess. Each entry will give you one more chance to win the Grand Prize of $150 gift certificate. There will also be two more winners of $50 gift certificates!

Clues will be released daily, so check back often for a chance to win one of our 3 prizes!

The Clues
  1. Danielle Brown and her husband work as Shop-Assistants.
  2. Nick and his wife Victoria like the color brown.
  3. Stan Howard and his wife Katrine like the color white.
  4. Jenny Smith and her husband Dan work as warehouse managers and they drive a Kia.
  5. Courtney and her husband Alexander borrowed the Orca Whale puzzle.
  6. Pamela and her husband drive a Ford and brought the Orca Whale Puzzle.
  7. Irene and her husband Chris work as accountants.
  8. Veronica Davis and her husband like the color blue.
  9. Nick Curtis and his wife Victoria are both Doctors who borrowed the Hummingbird Puzzle.
  10. Alexander Young drives a Volvo and loves the color violet.
  11. Mr. and Mrs. Swan work as shoppers.
  12. Pamela and her husband borrowed the puzzle that Mr. and Mrs. Miller brought.
  13. The Snack Stack puzzle was brought by the couple who borrowed the Yosemite puzzle.
  14. Matt drives a Honda and likes the color pink.
  15. The Antique Map puzzle was brought by the couple who drives a Mercedes and likes the color red.
  16. Emmanual and his wife brought the Hummingbird puzzle and they drive a Dodge.
  17. The couple that works as agriculturists drives a Toyota.
  18. The Yosemite puzzle was brought by the couple driving a BMW.
  19. The Browns brought the Starry Night puzzle and borrowed the puzzle that the Smiths brought.
  20. The couple who works as Teachers borrowed the Kitten puzzle.
  21. One couple brought the Kittens puzzle and borrowed the Starry Night puzzle.
  22. Greg and his wife like the color green.
  23. The couple who likes the color yellow borrowed the Yosemite Puzzle.
  24. The Youngs are both Ticket collectors who brought the Neuschwanstein puzzle.

End of Clues