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The Tantrix Discovery Game pack is perfect for anyone interested in Tantrix puzzles and games, from beginners to the experienced. This unique style of puzzle can be played solitaire style or as an intensely competitive multiplayer game. All 56 tiles have a numbered side and a side with lines of blue, yellow, red or green.

The included book contains several different ways to use the Tantrix as a solitaire puzzle, and rules for the Tantrix game. In the game each player takes one of the colors and the object is to strategically place your tiles to build the longest line or loop of your color while preventing your opponents from doing the same!

  • 1. 56 double sided, Bakelite Tantrix tiles.
  • 2. 1 English, 1 French Instructional booklet.
  • 3. 1 Zippered travel bag.

Also available in a Travel Solitaire version and a Solitaire version with a wood & metal stand.

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