Tantrix Match! - Pattern Matching Solitaire Puzzle

Tantrix Match! - Pattern Matching Puzzle

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  • ★ 12 Unique Puzzles
  • ★ 4 Levels of Difficulty
  • ★ Makes a cool coffee table puzzle
  • Winner of Australian "Puzzle of the Year", Tantrix Match is an addictive concept combining the beauty and geometry of the award winning Tantrix game with the deductive logic of sudoku puzzles. Each Tantrix Match comes with twelve different puzzle cards ranging in difficulty from starter to extreme.

    Match contains 13 unique tiles with links coloured in red, green, and yellow. The difficulty of each puzzle is determined by the number and position of pre-placed clues on each puzzle card. The puzzles are best solved by applying logic and deduction, though trial and error can sometimes work too. The harder the puzzle, the more you will need to think several steps in advance.

    Place a puzzle card into the tray. Put the correct tiles where the preplaced clues tell you to. Make sure that they are oriented properly. Note which objective (icon) is shown. Each puzzle can have one of 3 objectives: "Match", "Loop", or "Line".

    MATCH: All touching colours must match.

    LOOP: One colour passes through all tiles to form loop (closed line). All touching colours must match.

    LINE: One colour passes through all tiles to form a continuous line. All touching colours must match. Fit the remaining tiles, ensuring that all touching colours match.

    The puzzles are roughly divided into 4 different difficulty levels: Starter, Moderate, Difficult and Extreme. It is highly recommended that you begin with the easiest puzzle and move up. To reach expert level, you will need to combine both spatial and logic skills. There are lots of techniques which can be applied to solving Match puzzles and with a bit of practice, you will pick them all up.

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