The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Card Game by University Games (discon)

Card Games - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
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Based on the best-selling and beloved children's story of the same name, this colorful and educational card game is easy enough for little children to play and teaches them the days of the week along the way!

Begin the game by giving each player a Caterpillar card and 5 food cards (food cards also show a day of the week). The remaining food cards are shuffled into a stack and placed in the center.

Flip the top card of the stack. The first player must play a food card showing the day of the week that follows the day of the week on the top card.
If the player does not have a correct day card or a wild, they may draw one card from the pile and play if they can, otherwise the game progresses to the next player.
Play continues until one player is able to play out all of their cards AND has a Butterfly card to play last!

Don't actually eat the food cards, no matter how very hungry of a caterpillar you are they probably won't help you turn into an actual butterfly.
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