Tiddlywinks - Classic Game

If you thought Tiddlywinks was just for kids, think again! While there are terrific simplified rules that make the game playable for almost all ages, the "full association rules" gameplay is much more intense.

In fact, the game requires such levels of hand-eye coordination, dexterity and strategy that you won't even feel silly when Tiddlywinks terms become a comfortable part of your vocabulary. Just to get you started, a Squidger is the big disc you press on the 'Wink' to send it flying and to 'Squop' is to cover your opponents 'Wink' with one of your own. Now you know, don't let that knowledge go to waste!

This set has a classic design and includes:
  • 1. Rules and Instructions sheet approved by the English Tiddlywinks Association.
  • 2. 1 cup (the pot).
  • 3. 24 Winks (6 discs of each color, in two sizes).
  • 4. 4 Squidgers (1 of each color).
  • 5. 1 Cloth drawstring bag to store everything.
3.28 Ounces
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Choking Hazard - Small Parts.
Not for children under 3 yrs.