Missing a piece?

Jigsaw Puzzle Missing Piece Guide

A complete step by step guide to obtaining that dastardly missing piece!

If you have even a moderate amount of experience with jigsaw puzzles, you've probably encountered the horror of realizing that your beloved puzzle is nearly complete... all except for a MISSING PIECE! [Noooooooooooo!]

Fear Not! -- The good news is: with modern manufacturing methods, a missing piece at manufacturing time is really quite rare. It's likely your piece is within reach! Follow the instructions below and your chances of finding the culprit jigsaw puzzle piece will be quite good.

STEP 1 :: The Oh Duh's
It seems silly, but it's so easy to misplace or overlook a missing piece.

STEP 2 :: Catch your breath, and start to accept the possibility that it's... GONE...
So you've looked high and low, here and there, in and out, and you've come up with squat. Don't lose hope, there are several avenues left to locate a replacement piece for your puzzle!

If you believe you've lost a jigsaw puzzle piece and it can't be found, or that your puzzle is defective and the missing piece was never there (quite rare, actually, due to the jigsaw puzzle production process and stringent manufacturer standards, but it does sometimes happen) -- then your best course of action is to contact the manufacturer to see about a replacement piece. This is best for most folks because you've already constructed the puzzle and you know which piece you need. Many popular jigsaw puzzle manufacturers have anticipated that you may need a replacement piece and have therefore created programs to replace individual pieces.

There are some caveats, however. Depending on the manufacturer and the specific puzzle design, it's possible that multiple cutting dies were used to produce the same puzzle design, meaning pieces from same design will not actually fit your puzzle. Manufacturers often replace or rotate cutting dies for reasons such as service, sharpening, or production availability. If this is the case, you still have some options, though. For example, they may just replace your entire puzzle.

Before you continue, determine the following:

  • Who is the manufacturer of your jigsaw puzzle? (Just check the box.)

  • Which piece is missing?
    On most standard jigsaw puzzles you can simply count from the top, and obtain the the number of rows to your missing piece. Then, count from the left to get the number of columns to your missing piece. You will probably need these coordinates to indicate exactly which piece is missing.

    Now, find your manufacturer below in the list and follow the instructions provided:

    Manufacturer What to do...

    4D Cityscape

    Please visit: http://www.4dcityscape.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=lists&catid=11 for assistance.
    Phone: 416-410-2642

    A Broader View

    Please visit: http://www.abroaderview.com/contact.html for assistance.
    Phone: 800-418-0108
    Email: support@abroaderview.com


    Please visit: http://mpform.anatolianpuzzle.com/missingpart for assistance.
    Email: perre@perregroup.com

    Andrews + Blaine

    Please visit: http://www.andrewsblaine.com/contact for assistance.
    Phone: 850.269.3328
    Email: info@andrewsblaine.com


    Please visit: https://nmrdistribution.cameoez.com/Scripts/PublicSite/?template=Contact for assistance.
    Phone: 800-671-9136
    Email: csr@nmrdist.com


    Please visit: https://www.beginagaintoys.com/contact-1 for assistance.
    Phone: 970-372-0522
    Email: info@beginagaintoys.com


    Please visit: https://www.universitygames.com/contactus for assistance.
    Phone: 415-503-1600
    Email: info@ugames.com


    Please visit: https://www.brainwright.com/contact/ for assistance.
    Phone: 617-926-8080
    Email: info@brainwright.com


    Please visit: https://www.universitygames.com/faq for assistance.
    Phone: 415-503-1600
    Email: info@ugames.com

    Buffalo Games

    Please visit: https://buffalogames.com/contact/missing-piece/ for assistance.
    Phone: 800-832-2331
    Email: bgames@buffalogames.com

    Cardinal Games

    Please visit: https://www.spinmaster.com/contact-us.php? userLoc=us&display=customer_service_info for assistance.
    Phone: 800-622-8339


    If you originally purchased your puzzle at SeriousPuzzles.com, please contact us directly at info@seriouspuzzles.com for assistance.


    Please visit: https://www.ceaco.com/pages/support for assistance.
    Phone: 617-926-8080
    Email: cs@ceaco.com


    Please visit: https://www.clementoni.com/it/assistenza/ for assistance.
    Email: assistenza@clementoni.it

    Cobble Hill

    Please visit: https://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/Puzzle-Issues-s/1673.htm for assistance.
    Phone: 250-592-7374
    Email: info@cobblehillpuzzles.com


    Please visit: https://cra-z-artshop.com/contact-us.html for assistance.
    Phone: 800-272-9278

    Cubic Fun 3D

    Please visit: http://www.cubicfun.com/index.php?m=Contact&a=index& for assistance.
    Email: cs@cubicfun.com


    Please visit: https://www.culturenik.com/contact for assistance.
    Phone: 877-687-2579


    Please visit: http://www.outsetmedia.com/puzzles/replacement-bag for assistance.
    Phone: 877-687-2579
    Email: info@cobblehillpuzzles.com


    Please visit: https://www.daronwwt.com/contact-us for assistance.
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    Please visit: https://dowdlefolkart.com/pages/no-missing-pieces for assistance.
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    Please visit: https://www.educaborras.com/forms/index/language:eng for assistance


    If you originally purchased your puzzle at SeriousPuzzles.com, please contact us directly at info@seriouspuzzles.com for assistance.


    Please visit: https://www.jumbo.eu/en/contact/ for assistance.

    Geo Puzzle

    Please visit: https://www.geotoys.shop/contact.html for assistance.
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    Please visit: https://heye-puzzle.de/en/contact-form/ for assistance.
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    Please visit: https://www.holdson.com/contactus for assistance.
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    Jack Pine

    Please visit: https://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/Puzzle-Issues-s/1673.htm for assistance.
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    Please visit: https://www.jumbo.eu/en/contact/ for assistance.


    Please visit: https://www.karmingroup.com/karmin-international for assistance.
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    Please visit: https://cra-z-artshop.com/contact-us.html for assistance.
    Phone: 800-272-9278

    Lafayette Puzzle Company

    Please visit: https://cra-z-artshop.com/contact-us.html for assistance.
    Phone: 800-272-9278


    If you originally purchased your puzzle at SeriousPuzzles.com, please contact us directly at info@seriouspuzzles.com for assistance.


    Please visit: https://www.masterpiecesinc.com/contact-us-feedback/ for assistance.
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    Melissa & Doug

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    Puzzles Michele Wilson

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    New York Puzzle Company

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    Paper House

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    Please visit: https://www.ravensburger.us/service/replacement-parts/index.html for assistance.
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    Please visit: https://re-marks.com/contact-us.html for assistance.
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    If you originally purchased your puzzle at SeriousPuzzles.com, please contact us directly at info@seriouspuzzles.com for assistance.

    Vermont Christmas Company

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    White Mountain

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    Willowcreek Press

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    Please visit: http://www.wrebbit3d.com/contact-us for assistance.
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    STEP 3 :: For SeriousPuzzles.com Customers
    If you're having difficulty communicating with a manufacturers or getting a satisfactory solution to your issue in either Step 1 or Step 2, AND you placed your original order for the item with SeriousPuzzles.com, then you may contact us and we will try to provide a proper solution or assist you with replacing the missing piece.

    Please be prepared with your order # so that we can locate your order in our system.

    STEP 4 :: A not-too-shabby last resort
    You're at the end of the line -- but there's still a fairly reasonable solution! You can order missing jigsaw puzzle pieces from The Jigsaw Puzzle DoctorTM. It's a paid service that will actually construct your missing piece! Their prices are extremely reasonable considering how cool the service is. They'll make your missing piece and send it to you - how neat is that?! [SeriousPuzzles.com is not affiliated with the Jigsaw Doctor]