Double Trouble - Maze Puzzle NEW

Double Trouble - Maze Puzzle

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  • ★ Laser cut detailed wood
  • A challenging and visually intruiging wooden brain teaser for adults and children alike! Two mazes, two balls - can you find the solution that would release both simultaneously?

    The two gears each have a circular mark on the rim, turn them until the two marks are next to each other. Insert a ball into each maze through the 'c' shaped holes at the centre of each dial. There's something very satisfying about gears. You move one piece and it interlinks with another and makes that move too. As both gears move a the same time, a step closer to the exit on one gear, may be a step back on the other.

    Object: Move the two gears to navigate two ball bearings through the maze.

    Jean Claude Constantin is unquestionably one of the most prolific puzzle inventors of the past 30 years. His unique and diverse puzzle creations are renowned for their beautiful designs and challenging solutions.
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    Choking Hazard - Small Parts.
    Not for children under 3 yrs.