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"The Classic game of Chase, Race, and Capture!"

Parcheesi Royal Edition has a retro look and feel that is sure to be nostalgic for those who've played and a classic way to introduce newcomers!

Start with your 4 same colored pawns on the matching color start circle adjacent to an Enter space. Players should be sitting around the board so that their start circle is on their right.
All players use two dice, highest roller starts the game and the order proceeds counter-clockwise from there.
Moving and entering pawns is all based around combinations of dice rolls.
If/when you end on an opponents pawn by the count of any die, you capture that piece. Captured pieces are returned to their own start circle. (capturing comes with a bonus of 20 moves to be used on ONE pawn at the end of your turn. Bonus to be used in full or forfeited)
To win, enter ALL of your pawns into the center home square by an exact dice roll.

  • 1. 16 pawns (4 sets of 4 colors).
  • 2. 8 dice
  • 3. 4 dice cups.
  • 4. 1 Game board.
Estimated game time: 25-45 minutes.
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Choking Hazard - Small Parts.
Not for children under 3 yrs.