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V-SPHERE - pc Jigsaw Puzzle by V-Cube

Unfortunately, this puzzle is not in print any longer from the manufacturer or Serious Puzzles is no longer carrying this product. See great available puzzles below from the same brand and artist!
Serious Item Code: 120111
Mfr Code: 94-0334
Brand: V-Cube

Take cubing to another dimension! This eye-catching, innovative, and unique spherical 3D sliding puzzle will challenge, excite, and amaze people of all ages! Puzzle pieces slide effortlessly around the sphere. Once you pick it up, you'll never want to put it down!

V-Sphere consists of 8 fixed colored spherical triangles: 7 are surrounded by 12 colored moveable rectangular pieces while the 8th triangle is surrounded by 11 pieces... always with one empty space in between. This space helps the user to match the rectangular pieces to the fixed triangles of the same color, while sliding the moveable parts around the sphere.

How to Play:

  1. SCRAMBLE! Scramble by sliding the separate spherical rings throughout the periphery of the sphere. Slide one by one the rectangular separate pieces in order to disassemble the color clusters around the eight fixed triangles. Slide groups of rectangular pieces for faster scrambling.

  2. SLIDE! Start from the empty space and match the same color rectangular pieces to the respective color fixed triangles, while sliding the moveable parts around the sphere.

  3. SOLVE! Match the rectangular pieces of the same color to each one of the eight respective fixed colored triangles and you have completed the puzzle!


Start playing from the triangle diametrically opposite of the blue triange. Then, match the same color rectangular pieces to the respective color fixed triangles. Finally, upon complettion of the seven color triangles via the placement of the respective color rectangular pieces, the blue triangle will be completed automatically! 


UPC: 5206457002627
Weight: 4.80 ounces
For Ages: 8+

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